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Miniature circuit breaker short circuit protection features and choice

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About short-circuit protection, IEC898 and GB10963 are divided into A, B, C, D four types. British standard BS3871 is divided into 1,2,3,4 type. However, VDE0641 / 6.78 (German standard) and CEE (formerly European Community Electrotechnical Commission standards CENELEC abbreviation) standards are not classified.

Four types of short circuit protection range are:

Type A: Especially suitable for transformer protection in measuring circuits, circuit protection with extra-thick conductors and limited semiconductor protection (its overload and long-delay protection ranges are the same for categories B, C and D). Short circuit protection range is 2In ~ 3In, that is, ≤2In no action (no action time should be greater than 0.1s)  greater than 3In must be action (action time t <0.1s). However, Type A users rarely. Miniature circuit breaker short-circuit protection types generally do not mention the A class, while the provisions of B, C, D three types (type).

Type B: for residential and outlet circuits. Short circuit protection range is 3In ~ 5In, ie ≤3In no action (no action time should be greater than 0.1s)  greater than 5In must be action (action time t <0.1s).

Type C: Preferentially used to switch on high-current electrical equipment such as lights and motors. Short circuit protection range is 5In ~ 10In, ie ≤5In no action (no action time should be greater than 0.1s)  greater than 10In must be action (action time <0.1s).

Type D: Suitable for generating pulse current electrical equipment, solenoid valves and capacitors. Short circuit protection range is 10In ~ 50In, that is, ≤10In no action (no action time greater than 0.1s), more than 50In must be action (action time <0.1s). Type A> 2In, <3In; Type B> 3In, <5In; Type C> 5In, <10In; Type D> 10In, <50In. It can be understood as the action is qualified, not action is also qualified.

Currently, the choice of B, C two models more (for the protection of street lamps, whether it is incandescent, fluorescent, halogen lamp, high pressure mercury lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamps, etc., their starting current rating Current 4 times to 7 times, it must choose C type).

D-type is also used as a small motor short-circuit protection. Such as C45AD and PX200CAD and other models. Their momentary current setting is 10 times to 14 times In (factory adjusted at 14In). This type of D-type products do not set long delay protection. Over-current protection by the motor protection circuit in the thermal relay commitment. Motor start and stop, by the implementation of the contactor, they only serve as a short circuit protection.

LED sensor design principles and characteristics

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POPP LED Sensor light is actually an automatic switch control circuit, the type of sensor lights are: switch closed (ie, turn on the lights) are “voice control”, “trigger”, “sensor”, “light control” The way is roughly the same, controlled by a delay circuit (which automatically turns off after a period of work).

Infrared sensor switch the scope of the human body Suitable for corridors, corridors, warehouses, garages, basements, toilets and other places of automatic lighting, ventilation and other purposes.

working principle

In daylight or strong light environment, the signal value detected by the light sensing module will control the entire light in a locked state, even if someone passes through the LED body sensing light and will not turn on the light. In low light or night, light sensing module will detect light efficiency value, will turn on the sensor light on standby, while the human body infrared sensor module also started. If the body’s infrared thermal sensing module senses the movement of the human body in its range, an electrical signal will be generated, the signal will cause the delay switch module to turn on the light, the LED light bead will be on and the delay switch has a setting within 60 seconds Value, if people continue to be within the sensing range, LED human sensor light is always on, when the human left, the human body sensing module did not detect the human body infrared, there is no signal to the delay switch, in about 60 seconds , LED human sensor light will automatically shut down. At this time, each module is on standby, waiting for the next work cycle.


1, based on infrared technology, automatic control products, when someone enters the switch sensing range, the sensor detects the human body infrared spectrum changes, the switch automatically connected to the load. People do not leave and in the activity, the switch continues to conduct; people leave, the switch delay automatically turn off the load, people to lights, people from the lights out, cordial and convenient, safe and energy saving.

2, with zero-crossing detection: non-contact electronic switch to extend the service life of the load.

3, the application of photosensitive control, automatic metering switch, strong light does not feel.

LED tube light with the traditional comparison

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A, a reasonable optical design and special lampshade material effectively improve the product’s illumination and brightness

B, power embedded design, the product without ballast

C, a unique structural design to improve the cooling effect, improve product life

D, high-quality LED light source, greatly guarantee the product quality

E, easy to install, remove the original fluorescent lamp starter and ballast can be installed

F, according to customer requirements custom 110V voltage products

G, can provide rich colors (white, red, green, blue, yellow, etc.) products, energy-saving than fluorescent tubes more than 60%.

Application: Can be used as factories, offices, rooms, conference rooms, hotels, supermarkets and other public places such as lighting

Product advantages:

1. Energy-saving: POPP LED TUBE and conventional fluorescent brightness is basically the same, more than 70% energy saving, energy-saving effect is obvious;
3. Long life: POPP LED tube normal life of 5-8 million hours; during maintenance-free, save manpower;
4. No noise: no need for ballasts, starters due to POPP LED tube, so LED tube without noise;
5. No flicker: LED constant current work, effectively reduce LED light failure, start fast, no flicker, protect the eyes;
6. To reduce mosquitoes: POPP LED does not produce ultraviolet light, the environment becomes more clean and comfortable;
7. Good generality: POPP LED tube shape, size and the same traditional fluorescent lamps, alternative to traditional lamps;

POPP LED panel light introduction

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POPP LED panel light is a high-end indoor lighting, light source for the LED, the entire lamp design beautiful and concise, luxurious atmosphere, both good lighting effects, but also bring fantastic feel. design of LED panel lights is unique, the light through the high transmittance of the light guide plate to form a uniform plane luminous effect, illumination uniformity, light, soft, comfortable and yet bright, and can effectively relieve eye fatigue.

POPP LED panel light also radiation protection, will not stimulate pregnant women, the elderly, children’s skin.

The emergence of LED has broken the traditional light source design methods and ideas to design lighting lamps to the needs of the environment, the place as a starting point, designed to create a beautiful, brilliant light environment, to contrast scene effects, let people feel the atmosphere of the scene .

From the perspective of green lighting design, LED panel lamp materials are superior in environmental protection, low power consumption, luminous efficiency, lighting brightness and other aspects of the grid lights, truly daytime lights, night lighting. It is gradually replaced by T8 fluorescent light source grille lamp. And POPP LED panel lamp life is 10 times the fluorescent lamp.

POPP LED panel lights are widely used, the trend has been to replace the grid lights; LED panel lights are mainly used in:

  •  ceiling (instead of the original grid lights);
  •  the wall (not only for lighting purposes, but also with artistic expression);
  •  others

POPP LED light Benefits

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LED is a kind of semiconductor that can convert electric energy into visible light. It changes the principle that incandescent tungsten light and energy-saving lamp emit light. The electric field is used to emit light.

According to the analysis, the characteristics of POPP LED light is very obvious, long life, high luminous efficiency, no radiation and low power consumption.

Compared with the traditional light bulb, POPP LED’s superiority lies in:

  • Lit without delay, the response time is faster, the traditional glass bulb has a 0.3 second delay to prevent rear-end
  • More seismic performance

High luminous purity, no shade filter, light wavelength error within 10 nanometers

  • Glowing heat is very small, the heat resistance of lighting materials is not very demanding
  • Beam focus, easier to control, and does not require reflector concentrator, help reduce the depth of the lamp

Low power consumption, reaching the same luminous brightness of traditional bulbs, power consumption is only 6% of traditional bulbs, saving energy

Long life, no filament structure does not heat, the normal use of more than 6 years

Vehicle control circuit is not easy to oxidation